Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey sailor

To help me keep track of my walking miles I got a pedometer on Sunday. I read all the instructions, measured my stride and thought I had it dialed in. It seems like it's about 20% off.

Now if it were on the fat side I wouldn't even bother but it seems to not be counting enough. Huph! Can't have that so I wore in on our dog walk this morning and it said I went 11 steps. Wait a darn minute. It's damn close to a mile that trek we take so I examined the counter thingy again. Seems I've been wearing it too close to the middle of my body and the pendulum doesn't swing far enough. I've moved it closer to one hip and now it counts ten steps if I take ten steps.

I'm also swinging my hips a bit more, every little motion helps. So, if you see me walking down the street I'm really not trying to pickup anyone, just trying to count the miles.

Editor's note: This is unrelated by about a month ago my spell check on Blogger quit working. I apologize for an serious misspellings.


  1. i have found that to be a serious drawback to the pedometer for me, too. i just don't swing my hips when i walk. [insert your own uptight lawyer joke here]

  2. swing those hips baby....and no I don't know any stupid lawyer jokes.

    I had taken off my pedometer and just put it in the door of the truck. Not worn today at all and it registered over 3ooo steps. Louie don't swing his hips. ;)

  3. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my quilled pins!
    Have enjoyed looking around your blog! Willbe back!
    have fun!