Thursday, March 15, 2007

Somewhere Über the Rainbow

The German word über has migrated into our American slang to mean super or the best but the word's translation means over or above. The word übermensch, which means super human or superman, might be where there super came into our definition.

Artist Tim Hawkinson's naming his musical installation at the Getty Center, Überorgan is spot on to the literal and slang definition of the word. These huge super balloons and horns float over our heads in the Museum entry hall and spurt out wonderful deep booming music. If you listen carefully you might pick up a melody. Yesterday I heard the first few bars from Tchaikovsky Swan Lake.

We are lucky not only to have the Überorgan but also four new works from the artist commissioned for the Getty. The artist uses all types of materials to create these pieces. He works with "found" objects so take a close look at Octopus--I could stare at it all day. The name of the exhibit is Zoopsia, visual hallucination of animals. That Tim Hawkinson is so clever with the language he manipulates it as much as his found objects.

With Clara making her appearance in Oudry's Painted Menagerie in May and Zoopsia and the Überorgan hanging around until September the summer will be a treat for the kids. How clever of the Getty to have this on display all summer.

The Getty Center is a great place to bring kids. Last year I noticed every Wednesday the same mother with kids would show up. She was pleased that I recognized her and told me it was cheaper to bring the kids here once a week than the zoo or even the beach. Parking at the beach has gotten pricey and with our free admission and eight buck parking she thinks it a bargain and often brings neighbor kids. She said the kids love the Family and Art Rooms and can run around in the garden and because she comes so often she can give them little bursts in the museum looking at the collections. Fun for all.

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