Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daffodils anyone?

Yes! We have had a number of summer type days, which makes it Spring here in Southern California. See how lovingly my little frog looks at the daffodils.

Out my kitchen window you can see my dwarf navel orange tree with some oranges ready to pick. What you can't smell are the new blossoms, they smell like heaven or what heaven should should smell like. Well maybe heaven should also smell like cinnamon, too. Oh, or maybe donuts and apple pie.

What does your heaven smell like?


  1. your heaven smells wonderful I'm sure my heaven smells like packing boxes. I wanna sniff of your heaven.

  2. those look like trader joe's 99 cents daffodils!

    my heaven smells like my bunky's pillow.

    word verification for this comment is "coffye." which is exactly what i am right now: cough-y.

  3. They are TJ's -- this is two bunches. Amazing they can sell them that cheap.

    Lil bird, drink that tea I gave you and add some honey, honey.