Thursday, March 01, 2007

Igpay Atinlay and Dogus Latinus

The meaning of word I used in a previous post, uckfay, was questioned. I assumed all knew Pig Latin and tried to be kind to my more gentle readers. Not that most of my friends would cringe if I dropped the f-bomb, it's become the common, in the vernacular, but I do take my writing serious and always remember a teacher saying it was lazy to write relying on the language of the ordinary to get a point across.

Fuck, as definition in Wikipedia, is an offensive profanity but back to the Pig Latin. Pig Latin was made somewhat famous by the Three Stooges, ixnay or amscray is what I remember as a kid but it was my sister who first said "ukfay" and it has been a family curse ever since.

Fairly new to our lexicon is Dog Latin and anyone who's been forced to learn Latin at the hands of nuns or brothers will understand the fun of the phrase, Non illegitimis carborundum; don't let the bastards wear you down. Woof.

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