Sunday, April 09, 2006

This old house

Our house tends to creak and groan on occasion. It's a 1964 wood-framed house which isn't old but it sometimes seems to be, well, cranky. Tonight has been one of the noisier in the past months. Could be the change in weather, cold and wet to a long awaited spring. It could also be the earth moving, what we Californios call, "get the hell out of bed, we're having a 'quake."

Being awake and hearing more than one of these grunts I decided to check my favorite site the USGS map of recent earthquakes, I've got it bookmarked. While poking around I found this link and if you select your state there is enough "geeky" information to keep reading for hours, or in my case, keep you awake for hours because now I'm too jumpy to go back to sleep, sheesh.

Oh, in case you were planning to sleep tonight, try reading this little tidbit. It's about Mammoth Mountain and you can find out how many trees have been killed near the lake from toxic carbon dioxide levels. Don't worry, just the trees are dying.

Don't live in California? Try your state, I'm sure you can find something to keep you awake.

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