Thursday, April 20, 2006

Clenchers--we are not alone

Blogger supplies a list of blogs they find interesting. I have to say sometimes I wonder if they just throw a dart but I've found some good ones in the past so I do check all the new ones. There is one up there now, The Google Doctor and I poked my nose into this site not knowing it was an actual Dr. This site is worth sharing if only for the links. Dr Razavi has enough interesting links to keep any hypochondriac busy.

About twenty years ago I broke my tail bone in an unfortunate rollerskating accident and now I know what causes the occasional pain in my rump, I'm a clencher. If you belong to this club, tension headaches, carpal tunnel, neck pain, then read this short informative post that is, if you can release your grip on the mouse. Dr. Razavi's Good to Know Info: Avoid the Clenching Syndrome


  1. you you wanna know where I come up with the links I post..........ROFLMAO

  2. it explains the tmj, too.

  3. Just FYI. I posted an answer to your question about the whooping cough on that post.
    I hope it helps.

  4. Hmmmm, dare I say the thoughts that popped into my head when you mention tailbones and clenching? I think not.