Sunday, April 23, 2006

Grandma what big paws you have

The better to eat you with my dear.

Yikes, we saw these mountain lion tracks on our hike to Mt McCoy this morning. As reference they are about five inches long. Our naturalist said it was a big cat because of the depth of the claw prints. Bobcats don't walk with their claws extended. This was less than 100 yards from a housing tract and only a few feet from the trailhead. "Oh honey, have you seen the dog lately the dog?"

The weather was cloudy but there was still quite a view from Mt McCoy 500-600 feet above Simi Valley. From the ridge you can see the Reagan Library and, I'm sure, on a clearer day the Pacific ocean. We took our terrier Buddy and even though it was less than three miles round trip he was pooped out by the end and ready for a nap.

The naturalist, Mike was great. He called himself a greyhound which I took to mean we were in for a quick trip to the top but not at all; he stops at every bush. We saw so many wild flowers but this is just the start of the season so I'm looking forward to next weekend. If you want check out my Shutterfly there are a few more pix from the trip including Dan and Buddy at the top. Of course I was there, who'd ya think took the picture!

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  1. Very cool, thanks for sharing!