Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a find

While looking for something I was rummaging through some storage boxes. You know, those boxes you stick the things you just don't know what to do with. Things that have sentimental value but you don't need to see them all the time. I have one entire bedroom, albeit small, dedicated to this type of stuff. I optimistically call it my studio but it's become the dumping ground for junk.

When my mother-in-law passed we sorted through her personal items, boxed up things we thought we wanted to keep, and donated the rest. I'd never get rid of photos though I've ended up with some of people we don't have a clue as to their names. And, to make it worse when her mother-in-law passed she did the same so there are more pictures of strangers.

I love old table cloths, napkins, handkerchiefs and the like so it was a pleasure to find a large box of these items. Table cloths were from the 50s and most in quite good shape. A few of the hankies were embroidered with "Anna Barrett Jones" I thought that was my mother-in-law's maiden name and since she was married once before these had to be from about 1930. My husband reminded me her middle name was Maria and Barrett was his Grandmother's maiden name and these must have been hers. They are in good shape but still think they are 50s era handkerchiefs by some of the designs but fun to have the history on.

I also found a lovely hand painted fan that most likely was my father-in-law's mothers. She was originally from Spain and it is in very good condition. Not sure if it's much older than the 60s but a nice piece to keep. Our lil bird may remember her as she was young when her great-grandmother passed. She was in a nursing home the last few years of her life.

I found lots to keep me wondering about but I still didn't find the original item I went searching for. Ah, the search continues. Wonder what else will turn up?

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