Friday, September 09, 2011

Be warned

The squirrels here at Faria Beach are a challenge. We think it's because they've been eating regularly what with all the summer campers. They are fat with shiny coats and are quite confused that the chuck wagon no longer pulls up to feed them. I've pelted a few with a stone and they chase the stone in hopes it's a treat. I'm a rather poor shot.

Nothing can be left unattended if it has something to do with food but they investigate everything, just in case. Washing out my Dutch Oven from last night's dinner I caught one hanging on to the side and taking a sip. Dishwater, really?

Someone here is feed them still for I just watch a rather fat-cheeked fellow dig a deep hole, deposit what was in his cheek pouches, and they cover the hole with dirt and gravel. He was double quick doing the pretty fine job and squatted over the concealed hole. This must be how he finds it for his later snack.

Watching a few this morning, scavenge about looking for something tasty, Dan did inform them of the fact my relatives have eaten their kind in the past and that I have quite the sharp knife-- Be warned.

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