Friday, August 22, 2008

Do your kids pay attention?

Though back to school time is far behind us it was most important when our daughter was growing up. Going to college was NOT an option, it was expected and I’d drive that point home every chance I got. We didn't care what she did after college but a degree was expected.

When our daughter was about five I needed to make regular trips to the downtown area and usually took her with me when she wasn’t in school. This was an area that had, sorry to say, a number of people living on the street and to explain this to her I told them they lived that way because they never went to college.

This must have made quite an impression on her because about eight years later when a friend ask if she wanted to go to college she quickly said, “Oh yes, I don’t want to be a bum and live on the street.” For a while I felt bad I’d scared the kid but she went on to graduate college with honors, put herself through law school, and is now a practicing attorney. She must not hold that against me because she also takes me with her to a yearly ritual, a Dave Matthews Band concert. This year's was fantastic. Sometimes they do listen.

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