Saturday, July 14, 2007

So many sights; so little paper

Back from a week at the beach. This is the dry hills around Santa Ynez. The sky was a beautiful blue, no fog. More on the trip but I needed to get this out of my head and on paper.

Dolphins off the beach in Ventura. They came about an hour before sunset. I missed the shot of two of them surfing in a wave, you'll have to take my word.

Our camp in Pismo. Wow, what a nice place. Pismo Coast Village RV Resort.

Creek between us and the town of Pismo. Simply wonderful. Only draw back: there is a six month wait for reservations. We were lucky because we only wanted two days and we were willing to move for the second day.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Did you draw that first one? If so you are very talented!

  2. Yes, if you want to see more click on Pastel at the bottome. Thanks for the compliment.