Tuesday, July 03, 2007

All aboooaaaarrd!

With July comes triple digits here in Southern California. Since our mornings are still cool enough to walk I've challenged myself to be up and out before 7:00 am. This isn't too difficult because I've always been a "morning person."

One of my routes takes me across a railroad crossing and usually the train is the Metrolink, a commuter train heading for Los Angeles. This morning a fast moving freight made me stop. With the sun behind the train I turned and watched the hypnotic flash of the cars going by. The space between each car was a framed picture and it reminded me of a Zoetrope, the precursor to moving pictures.

On the opposite side of the train a man walking his dog was frozen into separate frames. I was mesmerized. Sequenced frames viewed together would make one fluid motion; a moving picture. The the train passed returning everything to normal. I had to wonder if that's how movies were invented.

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