Sunday, April 15, 2007

In a league of his own

Sixty years ago today, Jackie Robinson came from the back of the bus to be on top of the world. Today the LA Dodgers and all ball parks across the country, are recognizing the anniversary of Robinson's entry into an all white baseball league. What guts it took to take those steps from the dugout to first base. It must have seemed like walking the last mile but he did it with dignity, and with the support of some of the Dodgers, he walked right into the record books with a stellar ten year career.

Caps off to you, Mr Robinson.


  1. boy you are so right about Jackie Robison to have the guts to step on the field from that dugout......but I also think about all the black attendees in the stands and how proud they must have been. We should never throw away that moment.

  2. might i add that mr. robinson is a member of the bruin family? he attended ucla for two years and was the first bruin to letter in four sports in one year (baseball, track, football and basketball).