Thursday, April 05, 2007

Carz that Cruize

Sometimes it really hits home, the power of modern culture on our youth. This time it was positive. My dearly beloved's hobby, really his lifestyle, is automotive. He loves cars, I think always has, and spends most of his retired time fixing, waxing, or promoting the sport of Streetrodding. This is ok by me as long as I get to say, whoa ever so often. He is adept at balancing his addiction with family time.

Wednesday nights are "Cruize" nights and this means a bunch of folks get in their cars and head for one of the local food establishments with a big parking lot and have dinner, stand around looking and/or talking about their vehicles, and pretty much show off their pride and joy.

Last Wednesday while parking his car, the black '37 Chevy sedan in the photo, he was stopped by a young woman with a small child, maybe about three. "Could my daughter look at your car," she said. "She saw the movie Cars and got real excited when she saw these." What a thrill, for this little tyke, to see her movie heroes come to life.

The popularity of this movie could open up a entirely different use for these cars; celebrities. My beloved could start hitting the birthday party circuit and make a bit o' extra change with his vehicle. Yeah, that's me always thinkin'.

Editor note: This photo is from our new cell phones. Passing quality for blogging.

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