Friday, November 11, 2005

Ya gotta spend a grand to look grand

The granite came yesterday, much earlier than expected but we did not tell them no. The grief of working with plywood counter tops can only be measured in the number of splinters so I was more than thrilled to get the granite.

The kitchen isn't big but my plan was for more than enough counter space. Not that I have much out, I evaluate each item on it's "counter worthiness" before it finds a permanent home. When I cook I spread out and this will be a great kitchen to move around in. The big deep sink will hold all those pots, dishes and pans I like to dirty and the trash is close to the prep area.

The granite was a tight fit and needed some modification. I felt sorry for the installers because what they thought would be a quick job turned into six hours. I wasn't in labor that long though you thought they might be birthing something the way they grunted and groaned. This stuff is heavy, even the small pieces.

When they left I noticed a not-so-much-of-crack but a fissure. After a call to the salesman I was relieved to know this was no problem, happens from time to time and someone would be there to "heal" this fissure. I wasn't all that sure and I spent the rest of the evening going back to look at it. Nothing I could do, maybe I thought it would heal itself spontaneously.

They arrived at about 2:00 p.m., sanded, polished, filled, polished some more and in an hour they were gone. You can't see it and only I know it's there and now everyone that's reading my blog but I dare anyone to find it. Hey, that could be a party game for my open house. My big concern was what would it look like in ten years but everyone assured me the joints are stronger than the actual granite so nothing to worry about. Being a somewhat trusting soul I believe them. What else can I do.

I am thrilled, so far, with the granite and if anyone is looking to invest a bit in your kitchen, go for it, it does look grand.

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