Friday, November 11, 2005

Who's on Frist?

Majority Leader Bill Frist is more concerned with the security leak than he is with the secret prision. Hells bells, without the security leak, latin for someone with a conscience, we'd never know about this stuff. You think Frist would have said anything? No.

Also in this comedy skit we call politics, Pat Robertson is calling in the "wrath of God" for the poor folks in Pennsylvania. Not unlike when he warned Orlando with the same biblical threats when they flew rainbow flags in support of sexual diversity. Either God didn't care or he doesn't have a map because Orlando has pretty much been spared of any hurricane activity.

If God didn't strike that old fool dead for calling for the assassination of Venezuela's President for being a critic of Bush then he's surely not listening to Robertson, too bad the Christian Coalition does. Take a clue from your creater, don't listen to Pat Robertson.

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