Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy Anniversary, to me

This is an anniversary I share with no one. My baby blog is four years old today. Four years. Which means it is four years since I moved back from Bakersfield and four years since we remodeled the house. We're almost finished but more on that later.

How I discovered blogging is tied to the horrible Katrina events of 2005. While surfing the 'net to find out just how those poor souls were doing I ran into, a new-to-me, bit of information; a blog. There was a small business in downtown New Orleans and they owners/employees were lucky to be on floors about the flooding but unlucky to be trapped. As I remember, they were all young adults and the business had something to do with electronics. At first, the posts were sporadic due to the lack of power but as I read each gripping update I felt I was there with them. They talked candidly of their fears and the best part, they were showing photos from their offices on the top floor of the events at street level. Amazing. Just normal folk getting the word out.

Coming back to my home after being away for two years and starting two new things, the remodel and retirement were important to me. I need to keep a diary and what better way, a blog. I also found I could "vent" a bit about other important things going on. It was the Bush Years and there was much to vent about. I didn't do much to market my blog because I really don't care who reads it or if it's ever read. It's the writing of it that make be turn on the computer in the morning and sometimes not turn it off until late at night.

My daughter had been blogging for a few months so I was happy to join up. It wasn't long before we had my sister up and running. They were planning to become Gypsies and blogging would be a great way to keep track of their coming and going. It wasn't until March '06 that we came up with Peanut Butter Etouffeé, the food blog. The food blog has become our bastard child and doesn't get the attention it once did or deserves. We all seem to cook less but I still enjoy writing for it from time to time.

It gives me much joy to blog and if someone else reads it and is pleased, well then that's good too. It did give me a chance to meet a distant relative. This year I've been writing down some family tales, Kitchen Stories, and more specific to me, Growing Up. Out of the blue I received a comment and e-mail from a branch of the family tree. He had most of the genealogy done but wanted to add the "extras" to the family history. I was quite pleased that these stories might get passed down a few more generations.

Thanks to anyone who's wandered in and maybe enjoyed a post or two. My tracking software says I have a few visitors that stay and read more than one page. And a big thanks to anyone who comments, bad or good, I accept all forms of communications. Finally, if you like to write think of starting a blog yourself. I did talk a friend into blogging and she kept a journal of her travels last this year. It's fun to go back and see what you were thinking or doing.

Looking back to October of 2005, here are a few of my favorite posts.


  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Happy Anniversary! You are my inspiration. It's been a good four years in your life and I've enjoyed sharing it with you via the blog. You have introduced me to an activity that I find very fulfilling. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, that makes it all that more worthwhile.

  3. Well Happy Anniversary to you. I, too love your blogs(the whole family). I have been away from mine cuz of crazy life changes, but hope this long cold winter will inspire me again. Keep up the good work!