Friday, January 04, 2008

The price we pay

When I'm particularly stressed I have a CD of nothing but rain. Yeah, I know, boring but it honestly isn't. When I'm flying it's my favorite. It's on my ipod and it can seriously put me to sleep in minutes but tonight I didn't even need to plug in. Tonight I have my own rain. At times it's been storming, beating the windows, splashing down into great puddles and now it's a soft and gentle rain.

The rain, welcome to me, has some recently burned out hillside residents up worrying rather than enjoying tonight. Here in Simi Valley we were lucky to escape this fire season and rain will only green-up our hills rather than send them sliding down to crush our neighbors. That isn't to say it won't happen to us next year. With more homes being built in the hills I can't imagine we'd dodge that bullet many more years. But, until then I have my music, live tonight, and I'm enjoying every drop.


  1. I have a rain CD too! Mine's nerdier though, because it's actually a Mix. Like, I went on Limewire and downloaded all the different "rain" tracks - "Spring Rain," "Rain with Rolling Thunder," etc.

    I've never ventured over here from PB Etoufee before! What a pleasure!

  2. Thanks Kate. I've been bad about posting on both sites but will get back to it this week. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment.