Sunday, August 19, 2007

New lawn

Here is my beloved with a borrowed Troybuilt fixin' up our yard for our new sod. He was considerate and didn't fire it up until after 8:00am. Well it was a Saturday morning but he wanted to get some work done before it hit 90. August is here with a vengeance.

Notice Buddy is off to the side supervising the whole project. He got bored after a few minutes and went inside for a nap. So like many other supervisors I've known.

This morning I helped rake the weedy material out of the dirt. After about an hour and a half we'd filled one huge trash can and cleaned up. There is nothing as satisfying as a job well done. Unless it's breakfast at Jerry's which is what this hired hand got. Now he's a good boss!


  1. sweat equity for breakfast not a bad deal!!!

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