Monday, June 18, 2007

The Gypsy Caravan is on it's way; again

Cat, Sister and Brother-in-law took off down the road for their next adventure. Always sad at their parting but I know, when they settle, it will be closer than Florida. We are all happy about that.

Their next stop is heading north to Sequoia and beyond so they needed an early morning departure. I envy them their adventure for I think I've a bit of gypsy in my bones, too.

No, we didn't swap trucks, this is darling husband being funny with his truck when we camped together at the beach. While parked under their fifth-wheel it did get some odd looks.

The beach camping trip, albeit short, was great fun. Buddy dog enjoyed watching the abundance of squirrels and rabbits in our area. Amazed at how many there were but I never noticed any natural predators and they were very good at stealing Buddy's dog food so they adapted to us humans.

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  1. short but sweet was the beach trip!!