Monday, March 28, 2011

Update to Teardrop camping: life is an adventure

We worried about the wrong gods, the weather gods were appeased it was the mechanical gods we should have thought about. All loaded up, pulled out beyond the gates--truck won't start. Seems as the column, where the key goes, has a very important gear and it broke. Bummer. No one is going anywhere in that truck.

We got the trailer unhooked and pushed back in the back yard and Dan "hot wired*" the truck to get it behind the gate. He realized it was not something that could be fixed in an hour, more like days, so while he worked I unpacked all the camping stuff. Everyone, including the hundred-year-old-dog, was disappointed. Good thing it happened in the driveway and not our first gas stop along the way which would have meant towing. We hate towing.

After living with old cars for more than 40 years these kinds of problems always pop up and I'm sure will continue as long as we keep driving old cars. No quitters here.

* For any law enforcement folks reading this post please note Dan would never use his "hot wiring" knowledge for anything nefarious. But it has come in handy more than once.

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