Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Drawing class: urban landscape

Sadly, my drawing class is nearing an end. Good news, I'm going to take a Life Drawing class in January so be prepared for naked bodies.
This isn't finished but had time to take a snap. When talking to my daughter she said, "Oh, that was where Dad took you on your first date". I'd forgotten and felt odd she had to remind me but yes, that was our first date. How we ever had a second date is beyond me.

When Dan picked me up he unknowingly stepped in dog poop. We both found out half way to the movie theater when it started to stink. Stopping by his house so he could clean up and I chatted with his roommate while he did. Uncomfortable as I had dated him before Dan. Off to the theater and oh, such a feel good movie, Midnight Cowboy. Depressed we both decided the date was over and skipped dinner. No one was more surprised than I when he called for a second date. Glad he did but forty-one years later I had to be reminded of this by our daughter.

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  1. I am just now seeing should hang it in your bathroom,,,,,,,,,,,it would look great in it!! and the back story.