Friday, February 26, 2010

Is February really a short month?

Not a leap year so only 28 days to this month might be the reason I've been so busy. Maybe I should be grateful I've got stuff to do to keep me busy but out of the past month I've had something on my calendar almost every day. Oh, there was that one Sunday and a few days around the beginning of the month but for the large part I was a busy retiree.

Shouldn't complain since most all were things I wanted to do. Lots of time with the Princess and one day with the lil guy, a Bat Mitzvah, working at the Getty Center and helping my trainee docent get her wings. She did get her first tour this week. Amazing to her but I knew all along she could do it. There were many opportunities to meet with friends and family and also serious stuff like taxes and doctor appointments.

Don't forget all that time watching the Olympics. I think I'll be glad to see them go though I never did figure that Biathlon. You cross-country ski for a while, stop, shoot at a target, then off to ski some more. Why shoot at a target? Makes as much sense if you ski, stop and knit a hat, ski, stop and make a pie. And the Skeleton, they did not get enough adrenalin sliding down a twisty course on their back so someone decided to go face down head first. Really? Eighty miles an hour? Who dreams this stuff up?

Now with only a few short days left to February I'm still cramming in activities. Today, it's off to LA County Museum of Art for the member's preview of a new painting exhibit, American Stories. I've been looking forward to this almost as much at seeing the Renoir exhibit that opened last week. I don't think we'll have time to see that but will return before it closes in May. So much going on at LACMA right now.

Now that just leaves me with the last weekend of the month and Saturday might just be a good day to watch more of the Olympics, as rain is in the forecast, but Sunday, ah, Sunday should be the jewel. I've heard the Farmer's Market in Atwater Village, an area near Glendale, has a BBQ food vendor that is fantastic. He started selling at Farmer's Markets to finance he BBQ competitions and Big Mista has been written up in the LA Times as a hidden treasure. I must try the Pig Candy.

That would be the end to February but there are a few other things I need to get to. Will somebody hand me that Month Stretcher?


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Pig candy? surely you jest.... or at least bring some home for a sample.

  2. I don't know about that month stretcher - sounds like the lastest earthquake made us lose some time!!! I wonder what has to happen to make more?!