Friday, January 01, 2010

Let's all be more like the pig

So many are glad 2009 is over. I can't say it's been a great year but it did have some positives. Of course, with anything, there were bad times. Today I'm thinking of the good ones.

My beloved has had another Cancer-free year. My friends are healthy with a few beating Cancer, a few not so lucky. Lil bird's husband is unemployed but I have hope for great things plus I promised to teach him to cook while he's off work. We had a great Christmas. My darling sister and husband lost their long-time friend, Buddy-Cat but after the pain the memories become all that much brighter. Now, they're making an acquaintance with a new guy, Mr Bogart. She swears he'll grow into his ears. We are planning to travel more this year and I didn't brake any bones in 2009.

We live a simple life so life is good for us. I hope you can look toward the future and see the bright spots coming. Remember: Pigs can't look behind them to see the past.


  1. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Oink, oink. Good advice friend. Yes, we can learn from our animal brothers. I'm looking forward to 2010 with excitement. Family, friends, and adventures, and the unknown. Happy New Year to a you, a dear friend.

  2. I truly am looking forward cause I learned from our are going to teach SIL how to cook...........I'm laughing sorry.