Friday, September 11, 2009

A different Day of Rememberance

Today brings back some very strong memories for many folks and I'm no different. September 11, 2001-- I would normally make that date a link but it might be insulting to anyone alive 8 years ago. If you do not know what happened on that date then good for you because the common consciousness will never let us forget.

This post's purpose is to remember what happened on September 12, 2008. Remembering some anniversaries are not happy; but necessary. It has been a year since the train wreck and to be honest, I don't really want to remember. Remembering gives me a the hollow feeling I felt after the crash. I wasn't even on the Metrolink 111 when it crashed though many Friday afternoons I had been. Fifteen minutes longer in court kept me alive and with my family; fifteen minutes earlier would have had me on that train.

My heart aches for the survivors and relatives of the dead because of what they went through, and more than likely what they still experience, was far worse than I can imagine. Living in Simi Valley you can hear the train whistle as it cuts through the heart of the valley going east. The freight that crashed into the Metrolink comes through about 4:15 and thankfully I notice it less these days. To some it's a constant reminder of what happened last year.

My wish is for peace to find these survivors and relatives and for other to remember, albeit a struggle sometimes, how precious is our time together.

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