Friday, July 10, 2009

It's not what's for supper

I've never had a problem eating animals. Killing them, that might be more difficult but if I were hungry I'm sure I'd have no problem. I never had a problem until now. Lil bird is off at Sheep Camp and these two precious animals were born while she was there. She also has adorable pix of her holding one shortly after it was born all dewy eyed and nuzzley.

Look at them, all sproingy with their new little lambie legs and sweet little lambie eyes. Well at the market this morning, as a picked up some lamb chops, those sweet little lambie eyes were staring back at me. Damn. I love lamb, in all chops and cuts but those precious little wet noses and darling sproingy legs wouldn't let me put those tasty lamb chops in my basket.

Now one of lil bird's fortes is a scrumptious rack of lamb and I wonder how this experience will effect her. That lamb she fixes is wonderful. Damn, I say, damn.


  1. That's the kind of sentiment that turned me vegetarian oh so many years ago. Even if you don't choose that route, it's always good to be aware of what dinner implies.

  2. El Chavo, I'm sure I'll not be a vegetarian though I'm eating less and less meat these days because of dietary concerns. I just get a beef-craving once in a while. I do feel our meat industry can use some adjusting.