Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My downward facing dog is biting my ass

No, I did not get a new dog. Downward Facing Dog is a Yoga pose and I've added a photo of someone, other than me, doing it correctly. You see, this is one of those positions that is difficult for me to do correctly. Try as I might I'm still up on my tippy-toes.

Come to think of it I think the only one I can actually do semi-correctly is Child's Pose, though yet again, I can't seem to get my head to the ground. I'm thinking Yogi-masters have no boobs to get in the way. My instructor said to give it time, and I will since I'm way too much of a wimp to participate in the outdoor water aerobics class. Winter has finally come to Southern California and I don't care how much they heat the pool you still have to get out. Like I said, major in the wimp army, here.

Now my darling daughter has been Yoging around for a number of years and I never saw what she liked about it. Yes, now I'm a true believer. It is difficult but not impossible and quite a good stretching workout. Plus I feeling I'm strengthening some muscles and that's what us old broads need. Stronger "core" muscles keeps us from tipping over as we get older and I certainly don't want to do anymore falling. Let's not forget how much trouble my last tumble caused.

They do name their poses some odd but descriptive names: Tree, Cobra, Wind Relieving. Wind? Like the wind gently blowing your willowy tree like limbs around? No, it's the first thing you thought of. Get the wind out your body! Luckily we've never done this pose and thank you, the last thing I want to hear is the person next to me passing gas. Decorum, please.

There are two Yoga classes I attend and I love that each teacher has a different workout. Friday is what you'd think of as classic Yoga. The teacher dims the lights and we go through a number of poses and she gives the proper names. Then, at the end, she gives us my favorite, the Corpse and yes, you lay there like a dead body and relax. We even end the workout sitting cross-legged saying OOOOOOooooooommmmmmm.

Now Saturday morning, it's what I call Bootcamp Yoga. Just a little more strenuous stretching and faster. This wakes you up because it's at 6:45 am. and the teacher is relentless. I've noticed quite a bit more groaning in that class but I'm trying not to miss it because I come out feeling ready to get moving. I wish she taught this early every morning.

My generation, what ever you do as a workout regimen try a good set of Yoga stretches to start your day and maybe get rid of a little gas.


  1. yay, i can't believe you're doing yoga! i can't wait to come take a class with you. and then you can come try it in a 105 degree room with me!

    i have some good ideas to help with your downward facing dog - your calves and achilles tendons are too tight. try standing on a step and stretching your heel down off the step (one at a time).

    namaste, mom!

  2. Oh, I'd love to take a Yoga class with you lil bird but I'm not sure I'm anywhere up to 105 degrees.

    Thanks for the stretch tip.

  3. i just came across your blog after reading KalynsKitchen and i must say this post really caught my eye and gave me a chuckle. i have a wii fit and it has yoga on it and i want to say to my computer enhanced personal trainer, "you want me to do what?"